New Degree Programs: M.S. and Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies

CGS&P Resolution 00/01A

Approved by Commission on Graduate Studies & Policies: (Sept 20, 2000)
First Reading, University Council:
Second Reading, University Council:
Approved by the Board of Visitors:

Whereas, polymer science and engineering has an increasingly profound impact on the economy since it underpins most of the major technology sectors including the microelectronics, plastics, healthcare, transportation, and construction industries by developing and providing advanced materials and processing technologies, and

Whereas, the degree program builds on the expertise of existing Virginia Tech faculty members in several colleges and multiple departments whose research, teaching, and consulting are already nationally and internationally recognized in the field of polymer science and engineering, as well as a successful center, the Polymer Materials and Interfaces Laboratory, founded in 1978, which has 26 affiliated faculty members from seven departments, an active industrial affiliates program, and numerous graduates over more than 20 years, and

Whereas, the creation of new graduate programs in macromolecular science and engineering would enhance the recruitment of outstanding graduate students, increase institutional competitiveness for major polymer research contracts, and enhance employment opportunities for graduates and research associates, and

Whereas, the new interdisciplinary degree programs will comprise the design and synthesis, structural characterization, processing and mechanics of polymeric materials as well as five emerging technological areas of polymer science and engineering (adhesives and interphases, composites and structures, life sciences, opto- and micro-electronics, and the design and use of polymeric materials in civil infrastructure), and

Whereas, the degree programs have the support of the participating departments and colleges,

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the new degree program proposals for the M.S. and Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering be approved and forwarded to University Council, the Board of Visitors, and the State Council of Higher Education for implementation Fall 2001 or as soon thereafter as possible.

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