Outreach Vision Statement and Strategic Action Steps, 2000-2001

Commission on Outreach

Resolution 2000-01A

Approved by the Commission on Outreach: November 9, 2000
Approved by University Council:
Approved by the President:
Approved by the Board of Visitors:

Whereas there is an interdependent relationship among the scholarly functions of discovery, integration, application, and teaching; and,

Whereas outreach activities grow out of teaching and research, and contact with external groups, in turn, often enriches teaching, results in opportunities for students, and helps shape or generate future research; and,

Whereas outreach is one of the three missions of Virginia Tech and is an integral part of the university, representing a significant portion of faculty time and energy; and,

Whereas a new Vice Provost for Outreach was recently appointed and, after studying the current status of outreach at Virginia Tech with the help of outside consultants, he charged a team of university leaders to develop a vision for outreach and to identify the immediate action steps necessary to make the vision a reality; and,

Whereas the Commission on Outreach recommends adoption of the attached document as the vision statement and proposed action steps to guide our direction and activities for University Outreach at Virginia Tech;

Therefore be it resolved that University Council adopt A Portrait of an Engaged Institution as a plan for action for University Outreach at Virginia Tech.

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