Resolution Regarding Pass/Fail Policy

Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies

Resolution 2000-2001B

Approved by CAP: 03/07/00
Approved by CUS: 04/24/00
First Reading, University Council: 9/18/00
Approved by University Council:
Approved by the President:
Approved by the Board of Visitors:
Effective Date: Fall Semester 2000

Whereas, the pass/fail policy at Virginia Tech is available to encourage students to enrich their academic programs and explore more challenging courses outside their majors, without the pressures and demands of the regular grading system, and

Whereas, the current pass/fail policy at Virginia Tech requires a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and

Whereas, the University defines the minimum standard for academic good standing as a cumulative GPA of 2.0,

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the cumulative GPA required to be eligible to take a class pass/fail be changed to 2.0. Other restrictions on taking classes pass/fail, and the definition of 'pass', remain unchanged:

the student must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours at Virginia Tech (this restriction does not apply to courses that are only offered P/F);

no more than 10 percent of the requirements for graduation completed at Virginia Tech may be taken under the P/F grading system option, including elective courses and any course that my be required by a department and offered only on a P/F basis;

no required course or course used for the university core curriculum may be taken on a P/F basis;

no more than two courses per term may be taken P/F, excluding physical education activity courses and required courses offered on a P/F basis only;

a grade of "P" is granted for earning a "D" or better in the course

Updated: September 28, 2000

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