Revision of the Faculty Senate Constitution

Faculty Senate

Resolution 2000-2001A

Approved, Faculty Senate: December 5, 2000
Approved by Vote of All Eligible Faculty: February 9, 2001
First Reading, University Council: February 19, 2001
Second Reading, University Council
Approved, President:
Approved, Board of Visitors:

WHEREAS, the current Faculty Senate Constitution requires that amendments to the Constitution be approved by the Senate membership, then submitted to vote to the entire faculty with a response from at least 50% of the faculty and approval by two-thirds of those voting; followed by approval by the University Council, the President, and the Board of Visitors; and,

WHEREAS, the Faculty Senate has conducted a thorough review of all provisions and proposed a revised Constitution that is changed in the following ways:

WHEREAS, the Faculty Senate has conducted an election by the entire eligible faculty as prescribed by the existing Constitution and achieved two-thirds approval of the proposed changes;

WHEREAS, the old and revised Constitution and Bylaws are available to all interested parties at the following website: <>

THEREFORE be it resolved that the University Council approve the revised Constitution for the Faculty Senate and forward it to the President and Board of Visitors for their consideration

Updated: February 26, 2001

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