Staff Senate of Virginia Tech
Resolution 2000-2001A
Revision to the Constitution of the Virginia Tech Staff Senate, 
Article V, Section D.

Approved by the Staff Senate:                   February 17, 2000
First Reading by University Council:            April 16, 2001
Approval by University Council:
Approved by the President:
Approval by the Board of Visitors:
Effective:                                      Immediately

WHEREAS, the staff of Virginia Tech have expressed a desire to be allowed to
elect Senators to more than two consecutive terms; and,

WHEREAS, the Virginia Tech Staff Senate having been made aware of this
desire of the staff; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia Tech Staff Senate Constitution prevents Senators from
succeeding themselves more than once; and

WHEREAS, the principles of democracy demand that the people be allowed to
freely express their choices in who will govern them; and,

WHEREAS, the Virginia Tech Staff Senate firmly believes that the right to
limit terms properly belongs to the Senators' respective electorates.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Staff Senate of Virginia Tech be allowed
to amend its Constitution, namely Article V section D. as follows:

D.  A senator may be reelected but may not serve more than two consecutive
terms. A Senator may be reelected.  The respective Staff Associations may
establish any limit on the number of terms that may be served.  Under no
circumstances shall the maximum number of terms be limited to less than two.
There are no restrictions on serving as an alternate.

Judy Davis, CPS
Executive Secretary Senior
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