Resolution Regarding Renaming Degree and Certificate Titles in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies
CGS&P Resolution 97/98 A

Approved by the Commission on October 15, 1997
Approved by University Council_____________

WHEREAS, The College of Education has been merged with the College of Human Resources to form a new College of Human Resources and Education, and

WHEREAS, the merger has resulted in a need for restructuring departments in the new college, and

WHEREAS, the restructuring produces a need to rename some degrees, and

WHEREAS, certain degree and certificate names did not accurately describe the degree or certificate and thus did not serve the needs of the students receiving the degree,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the following recommendations be adopted by Council.

THAT the M.A.Ed., CAGS, Ed.D., and Ph.D. degrees in "Education Administration" be renamed to "Educational Leadership and Policy Studies" to reflect a reorganization and broadening of the specializations within the restructured degree.

THAT the CIP code for the newly restructured degree be changed from 13.0401 (Educational Administration and Supervision) to 13.0499 (Educational Administration and Supervision, Other) to reflect the broadened scope of the degree, which will include higher education as well as elementary/secondary school administration.

THAT the M.A.Ed., CAGS, Ed.D and Ph.D. in "Student Counseling and Personnel" be renamed to "Counselor Education." (This degree authorization currently supports two programs: Counselor Education and College Student Affairs. The College Student Affairs program will become part of the newly restructured degree in "Educational Leadership and Policy Studies." This existing degree title would be changed to reflect the remaining program.)

THAT the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) be retitled to Education Specialist (Ed.S.) certificate for ALL education-related degree authorizations to reflect the more common title of this credential nationwide.