Policy on Auditing Graduate Courses

Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies (CGS&P) Resolution 1997-98C

Approved by the Commission on: January 21, 1998
First reading by University Council on: February 16, 1998
Approved by University Council:

This amended resolution will be presented for second reading at the March 2, 1998, University Council meeting.

WHEREAS, Except for administration of assistantship load (for which purpose appropriate rules are already in place), Graduate School approval of audits is unnecessary; and,

WHEREAS, the type and number of audits is more appropriately monitored by the student's advisor; and,

WHEREAS, the grade transcript is an important permanent record and should be an accurate reflection of a student's class performance, including audits, but at present no mechanism exists to insure that audits recorded on the transcript represent actual participation by a student in the class; and,

WHEREAS, our goal is to promote learning rather than prevent it; and

WHEREAS, students who fail a class are allowed to retake it for credit,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the policy regarding graduate students auditing courses be changed as follows, effective Fall 1998:

An audit requires the approval of the instructor and the student's graduate advisor. Auditing of laboratory work is not permitted.

Registration for audit may not be changed to credit, or vice versa, after the last day to add classes, without the signature of the instructor, student's major advisor, and the Dean of the Graduate School

At the end of the course period, the instructor will determine if an audit is "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" based on participation and other expectations set forth at the beginning of the course period. Unsatisfactory audits will not appear on transcripts.

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