University Council Minutes

September 15, 1997

Present: D.A. Stetler (for Bob Bates), Landrum Cross, Eileen Hitchingham, Elyzabeth Holford, Janet Johnson, Paul Knox, Peggy Meszaros, Carole Nickerson, Len Peters, Minnis Ridenour, Jean Eversole (for Ray Smoot), Charles Steger, Tom Tillar, Paul Torgersen, Robert Brown, Jenne Ginther, Ben Poe, Cosby Rogers, Kathy Lewis (for Terry Swecker), Authur Snoke (for Richard Bambach), Deborah Mayo, Paul Metz, Kevin Pelzer, Eliza Tse, Frank Gwazdauskas, John Randolph, Bob Benoit, James Yardley, David de Wolf, Rosemary Goss, Kay Burke, Gerri Johns, Tom Head, Terry Lawrence, Marilyn Norstedt, Nancy Phillips, Rajiv Khosla, Ningling Wang, Joel Donahue, Steve Schneider, Tekisha Everette, Moya Toohey, Raphael Castillo

Absent: Erv Blythe, Greg Brown, Peter Eyre, Rich Sorensen, Bill Stephenson, Andy Swiger, Sigrid Gustafson, Terry Herdman, Charles Lytton, Norm Marriott, Bernie Feldman, Curtis Lynch, Kathleen McNinney, Duncan Neasham

Guests: Pat Hyer, Ron Daniel, Chris Bunin, John Fulton, Bruce Harper

  1. Adoption of Agenda

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the agenda. The motion passed.

  2. Announcement of approval and posting of Council Minutes of May 5, 1997

    Dr. Torgersen noted that the minutes from the May 5, 1997, University Council meeting have been voted on and approved electronically. Once voted upon, University Council minutes can be publicly accessed on the Governance Information System on the WEB.

  3. First Reading, Graduate Student Assembly Resolution 96-97B: Future of On-Campus Graduate Student Housing

    Mr. Chris Bunin reported that over the summer events have transpired causing the context of the resolution to be outdated. Following discussion with Dr. Fulton and Dr. Peters, Mr. Bunin is requesting on behalf of the Graduate Student Assembly the withdrawal of the resolution.

  4. First Reading, Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs Resolution 97-98A: Membership Reapportionment

    Dr. Pat Hyer reported that the resolution is to reapportion the membership of the Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs. CAPFA includes extension, general administration, academic support and student affairs, and the number of people employed in the various areas have changed since the Commission was originally created. The resolution is to change the bylaws allowing the flexibility of every other year examining the number of employees in each of these categories and reapportioning membership accordingly as necessary to assure the number of employees is approximately proportional. A question was raised as to what has made this resolution necessary. Dr. Hyer explained that there are fewer extension agents and more general administration. Therefore extension agents are over-represented on the Commission compared to other employee groupings. A second question was raised regarding a fixed total. Dr. Hyer explained that the fixed total is nine. This resolution comes out of the Commission itself.

  5. Council approved a packet of commission minutes comprised of:

    Note: Recommendations for preparation of minutes include:

    1. Include last names in minutes.

    2. Include those not in attendance, as well as those in attendance for clarification of a quorum.

    Dr. Torgersen asked commission chairs to share these suggestions with their commission members.

  6. Dr. Torgersen gave an update of his activities in regard to:

  7. Procedural Details - Carole Nickerson

    1. Editorial changes to ex-officio office holders that sit on various committees and commissions. These are editorial changes that reflect administrative shifts over the summer and this makes it legal. The retirement of Ann Spencer made these changes necessary.

      • Employee Benefits, EO/AA Committee, Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs, Commission on Classified Staff Affairs, replace the title Associate Vice President for Personnel and Administration with the title of Director of Personnel.

      • Transportation and Parking and Commission on University Support, replace the title Associate Vice Provost for Personnel and Administration with Director of Business and Administrative Services.

    2. Task Force on Council Communication, Paul Metz-Chair. The recommendations called for a number of changes that are now in place. One of the major recommendations was the establishment of a web page. We are working on this, but are delayed due to staff support changes and a loss of 60 days of continuity in the process. Until the web page is established, we will use the listserv as a way of informing individuals of the on-going topics and where they are in the process.

    3. Constitution, rosters and list of commission and committee chairs are available for those in attendance to take with them.

    4. Workshop will take place at the end of this meeting for commission and committee chairs, staff who support those bodies and any other interested parties. Resolution and minutes writing will be a part of this session.

  8. Reports from Commission Chairs - Provost Meszaros

    Introduction of commission chairs and report from the chairs regarding their activities for the year. Many of the items considered are also being considered on another committee or commissios. It helps the commission chair to see where the overlaps may be and how they can partner in putting together their items.

Reminder: One remaining open forum on the Focus Self Study for the SACS re-accreditation. Wednesday, 8:00-9:30 a.m., Squires Brush Mountain Room. Dr. Meszaros encouraged everyone to attend. The entire report is on the web.

Dr. Meszaros adjourned the meeting at 3:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Nickerson

Executive Assistant to the President