Resolution Concerning Grievance Panels

Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty 1998-99 A

Approved by CAPFA: April 16, 1998
First Reading at University Council:
Approved by University Council:

For any grievance filed following approval

WHEREAS, recent experience has demonstrated the difficulty of obtaining and scheduling grievance panels of five persons plus a chair, as well as the grievant, witnesses, and possible legal counsels so that a timely hearing may be held in accordance with approved policy and procedures, and

WHEREAS, recruiting and maintaining a large pool of potential panel members representing a wide variety of backgrounds is not very efficient when grievances are infrequent and panel members need to be selected based on availability as well as appropriateness for the particular case,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that section 3.11.4 of the Faculty Handbook and the "Procedures for Conduct of the CAPFA Reconciliation and Grievance Committees" be modified as follows: a) Grievance panels for administrative and professional faculty shall consist of three panel members, an alternate, and a non-voting chair. Either party may challenge one of the appointments, including the alternate, as is currently the case. The alternate will serve as a replacement panel member should the need arise. b) Panel members shall be nominated by the grievance panel chair from among the administrative and professional faculty at large with the consultation of the CAPFA chair and one or more of the ex officio members of CAPFA. (Current procedures call for panel members to be selected from a pre-recruited pool of A/P faculty who have agreed to serve on the grievance committee.)

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