Resolution Regarding Transfer Credit for Master's Degrees

Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies

CGS&P Resolution 98/99 F

Approved by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies: April 7, 1999
Approved by University Council _____________

Whereas,existing policy allows graduate students to transfer up to 50% of the course work on their plan of study from certain Virginia schools; and,

Whereas, for doctoral students this provision is essentially redundant with the general allowance of up to 42 hours of transferred work; and,

Whereas, the use of 50% transfer credit on the plan of study may compromise Virginia Tech's role as the degree granting institution and thus allowing master's degree students to use 50% transfer credit is inappropriate as a general policy; and,

Whereas, certain specific master's degree programs may have programmatic reasons to allow up to 50% transfer credit for their students;

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the existing general policies governing transfer credit (described under the heading "Transfer Credit" in the Graduate Policies and Procedures and Course Catalogue) will remain in force, that the policy allowing transfer from Virginia Schools of up to 50% of the work on the plan of study for a graduate degree be revoked and the statement of that policy be removed from the graduate catalogue, and that the following language be added to the end of the section on transfer credit:

"Individual master's degree programs may, on approval of the Graduate School, be granted permission to allow up to 50% of the courses on the plan of study to be transferred from other institutions for programmatic reasons. Requests for such permission must be submitted in writing by the program to the Dean of the Graduate School, justifying the program's need for an extended allowance of transfer credit and suggesting what guidelines and limits would be appropriate. Requests are not made to grant exceptions for individual students. Requests will be reviewed by the Graduate Curriculum Committee, which will advise the Graduate School regarding action on such requests."

These changes being effective for students enrolling for the first time in or after the Spring semester of 2000; moreover, for existing programs which can document a history of regular, legitimate use of the 50% transfer allowance from Virginia Schools, the Graduate School may, at its discretion, accept the program's history in lieu of a written request.

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