Resolution Regarding Changing Advisory Committee Membership

Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies

CGS&P Resolution 98/99 G

Approved by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies: April 7,1999
Approved by University Council _____________

Whereas, the student advisory committee is a critical element of quality graduate education; and

Whereas, occasionally the graduate education of the student may benefit from a change in the advisory membership of the committee; and

Whereas, the current policy for changing membership of the advisory committee membership requires agreement of all committee members; and

Whereas, unanimous consent for a committee change is not always obtained;

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the following recommendation be adopted by Council.

That on page 25 of the Graduate Policies and Procedures and Course Catalog in the section Advisory Committee where the last sentence reads:

"Changes in a student's committee will be granted only on approval of all committee members, new and old, and recommended by the Department Head/Chair."

That the following sentence be added to the text.

"In the case that one or more members does not approve the change in the membership of the advisory committee, an appeal may be made by either the student or a faculty member to a department graduate committee. The graduate committee will make a recommendation for action to the Department Head and the Dean of the Graduate School."

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