Resolution Regarding The Membership Of The Commission On Student Affairs

Commission On Student Affairs

Resolution 1998-99a

Approved By CSA: March 18, 1999
First Reading, University Council: April 5, 1999
Approved By University Council:
Effective Date: July 1, 1999

Whereas, the Commission on Student Affairs is conveyed "to study, formulate, and recommend to University Council policies and procedures affecting graduate and undergraduate student life and morale. Areas of consideration include: student relations with peers, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and the community; student organizations, social life, and recreation; employment, placement, and counseling; residential life, health, safety, and quality of student related services; and other matters affecting student life." (University Council Constitution and Bylaws, Article VII, Section 14) and,

Whereas, the Commission on Student Affairs established an ad hoc Committee on Membership to examine the present structure of the representation on the Commission and to make any recommendations for membership changes. This Committee, with representation from the Division of Student Affairs, the graduate students, and undergraduate students began its work with the goal of looking into the efficiency and equity of the Commission's membership. Toward this objective, the Committee established the following guidelines and policy for student representation on the Commission:

  1. The Commission should establish a policy and process for future review of the Commissions Membership.

  2. The policy should consist of the following steps and procedures.

    1. Only student organizations that have registered as University Chartered Student Organizations with the Office of Leadership and Student Organizational Programs shall be considered for membership.

    2. All student organizations that are UCSOs and meet at least two of the following criteria shall be eligible for consideration:

      1. representing a major constituency or a significant minority population;

      2. serving as a major governance or programming body;

      3. acting as an umbrella organization representing other groups and student organizations.

    3. Should a UCSO meet the previous criteria, the Commission on Student Affairs should appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to review the process and the student organization.

    4. The Ad Hoc Committee should make a recommendation to the Commission for action.

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the membership of the Commission should be changed to reflect greater efficiency and equity. (Those representatives denoted by an * are proposed new members. Those representatives italicized shall be removed.)

  1. President of the Student Government Association

  2. Vice President of the Student Government Association

  3. President of the Residence Hall Federation

  4. Speaker of the Graduate Student Assembly

  5. Vice Speaker of the Graduate Student Assembly

  6. Two other Representatives of the Graduate Student Assembly

  7. * A Representative from the Class System -ADD

  8. Sophomore Class Rep. -REMOVE

  9. Junior Class Rep. -REMOVE

  10. Senior Class Rep. -REMOVE

  11. President of the Interfraternity Council

  12. President of the Council of International Student Organizations

  13. BOV Graduate Rep. (non-voting)

  14. BOV Undergraduate Rep. (non-voting)

  15. President of the Black Organizations Council

  16. A Representative from the Corps of Cadets

  17. President of the Asian American Student Union

  18. President of the Panhellenic Council

  19. Extramural Sports Federation -REMOVE

  20. President Virginia Tech Union

  21. Faculty Senate

  22. Faculty Senate

  23. Faculty Senate

  24. Vice President for Student Affairs

  25. Student Budget Board (non-voting)

  26. Staff Senate

  27. Assistant Dean Graduate School

  28. A/P Faculty

  29. Division of Student Affairs

  30. Division of Student Affairs

  31. Division of Student Affairs

  32. Council of Academic Deans

  33. * Black Student Alliance - ADD

  34. * Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Alliance -ADD

And, Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the membership of the Commission on Student Affairs should be changed effective July 1, 1999,

And, Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the Constitution and Bylaws of the University be changed accordingly:

University Council Constitution and Bylaws
Article III. University Commissions
Section G

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