Revision to Academic Eligibility Policy, Presidential Policy Memorandum 167

Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies

Resolution 1998-1999A

Approved by CUSP: March 22, 1999
First Reading by University Council:
Approved by University Council:
Approved by the President:
Approved by the Board of Visitors:
Effective Date:

Whereas, the central premise of the Academic Eligibility Policy is to provide students support and encouragement to attain their potential for individual intellectual and personal growth while at the University-irrespective of degree program or substantive interest, and

Whereas, the requirement for timely progress and for a minimum grade point average should serve as an incentive in the quest for realization of personal potential, and

Whereas, students need to have a clear understanding of the minimum level of performance necessary to graduate, and

Whereas, Academic Policy Memorandum No. 167 is intended to provide for a minimum standard for academic good standing of a cumulative 2.00 QCA, and

Whereas, immediate intervention with students who are performing below the minimum standard for graduation has been shown to enhance students' academic performance and probability of timely graduation, and

Whereas, the Academic Review process as described in Policy Memorandum No. 167 does not consistently result in improvements in student academic performance,

Therefore, be it resolved that Policy 167 be revised as follows:

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