Revision to Freshman Rule Policy Presidential Policy Memorandum 69

Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies

CUS&P Resolution 98/99 C

Approved by CUSP: April 12, 1999
First Reading by University Council:
Approved by University Council:
Approved by the President:
Approved by the Board of Visitors:
Effective Date: First Summer 2000

Resolution to Revise Policy Memorandum No. 69 (New Version to supersede that of May 5, 1986)

Course Withdrawal Policy

Whereas, Virginia Tech is among the most selective land grant institutions in the United States and it is the established policy of the University to retain that standing, and

Whereas, it is a fundamental goal of all highly selective institutions to retain quality students, and

Whereas, students sometimes enroll in courses for which they are insufficiently prepared, and

Whereas, this situation may be exacerbated for students who have enrolled in majors only to find that they now wish to change from them and

Whereas, the University wishes to recognize that these and other difficult circumstances with academic implications may arise at any time in a student's career, and

Whereas, the University wishes both to accord students in such circumstances a measure of compassion while also encouraging each to accept responsibility for their choices:

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that the present "Freshman Rule" policy be abolished as of summer session I 2000 and be replaced by the following new policy provisions:

A maximum of six hours (6) may be dropped beyond the normal six week drop deadline date during a student's academic career at Virginia Tech subject to the following stipulations:

This option may be exercised up through the last regular day of classes (i.e. the day before Reading Day) prior to a student's scheduled graduation.

Students must formally request to drop a course by the last regular day of classes in the semester in which they are enrolled in it.

Courses from which a student withdraws under the terms of this policy will appear on their transcript with a W. The W signifies that this policy was invoked and does not reach the rationale for its use. The reasons for use remain the student's responsibility.

A student decision to invoke this policy is irrevocable and unappealable.

Withdrawals under this policy may not be employed to reduce or obviate any penalty otherwise accruing to students under the University's Honor system.

Students may request withdrawal from any course irrespective of the evaluation earned in it up to the point of their request for withdrawal.

Students already enrolled when this policy takes effect who have exercised their option to use the existing Freshman Rule shall not be eligible to use this policy.

To exercise this option interested students should see their academic advisor to obtain a Course Withdrawal form and thereafter submit it to their designated departmental representative and academic dean for approval.

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