Faculty, Staff and Student Parking Resolution

Put forth by a University Council Member

UC Resolution 98/99 A

First Reading by University Council: April 19, 1999
Approved by University Council:
Approved by the President:
Effective Date: Recommend Immediately

Whereas Virginia Tech is a major research university and learning institution where the research and learning activities of the Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students may require their presence on campus during evenings and weekends even though major athletic home events may be coincidently occurring, and

Whereas the Faculty, Staff, and Students of Virginia Tech pay a considerable fee to park on Campus, and

Whereas many alumni educational activities require Faculty, Staff, and Students to be present on weekends and during major athletic home events, and

Whereas many student recruiting activities require Faculty, Staff, and Students to be present when major sporting events are being conducted,

Therefore Let It Be Resolved that Faculty, Staff and Students be exempt from additional payment for parking on campus during athletic events above the charges for vehicle registration now and in the future, as has been the practice.

Effective on the date of approval by University Council.

Frank Gwazdauskas
David R. and Margaret Lincicome Professor

Virginia Tech Governance Information

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