University Council Minutes

January 18, 1999

Present: Judy Lilly (for Bob Bates), Greg Brown, Landrum Cross, Ben Dixon, Peter Eyre, Eileen Hitchingham, Elyzabeth Holford, Dianne Yardley (for Janet Johnson), Ellen Braaten (for Paul Knox), Peggy Meszaros, Carole Nickerson, John Eaton (for Len Peters), Lisa Wilkes (for Minnis Ridenour), Rich Sorensen, Bill Stephenson, Andy Swiger, Tom Tillar, Paul Torgersen, Richard Bambach, Jim Burger, Madonna Mendoza, Cindy Harrison, Pat Hyer (for Charles Lytton), Robert Tracy, Muzzo Uysal, Bruce Obenhaus (for Nicolaus Tideman), Skip Fuhrman, Deborah Mayo, Paul Metz, Kevin Pelzer, Bernard Feldman, Sam Hicks, John Randolph, John Seiler, Jamaa Bickley-King, Lane Rasmussen (for Anita Haney), Pete Martens, Ben Poe, Peggy Rasnick, Joel Donahue, Aashish Jain, Paul Wagner, Jody Olson, Duncan Neasham, Sean Blackburn

Absent: Erv Blythe, Ray Smoot, Charles Steger, Terry Swecker, Wayne Durham, Norm Marriott, Eliza Tse, Bob Benoit, David de Wolf, Rosemary Goss, Frank Gwazdauskas, Donna Cassell, Curtis Lynch, Nancy Phillips, Kathleen Knight, Laurie Steneck,

Guests: David Ford, Bill Tranter

  1. Call to Order

    Dr. Paul Torgersen called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. and announced that a quorum was present.

  2. Adoption of Agenda

    A motion was made and seconded to adopt the agenda. The motion passed.

  3. Announcement of approval and posting of Council Minutes of December 7, 1998

    Dr. Torgersen noted that the minutes from the December 7, 1998, University Council meeting have been voted on and approved electronically. Once voted upon, University Council minutes can be publicly accessed on the Governance Information System on the WEB.

  4. Second Reading

    Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies Resolution 1998-99B, Resolution Regarding Offering of a Masters Degree in Information Technology

    Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies Chair Jim Burger presented Resolution 1998-99B for second reading. A motion was made and seconded to approve this resolution.

    Bill Tranter gave an overview of this resolution. This is a modular program consisting of six modules Three modules (communications, networking and computer engineering) are supported by the department of electrical and computer engineering. One module (software development) is represented by the department of computer science. Two modules (business information systems and decision support systems) are supported and will be taught by the Pamplin College of Business. The completion of a masters degree requires the successful completion of three of the six modules plus appropriate foundation work and a wrap up course at the end.

    The resolution passed unanimiously.

  5. Approval of the Collective Commission Minutes.

    Council approved a packet of Commission minutes comprised of:

  6. For Information Only

    Dr. Torgersen noted that the minutes of the University Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning for October 8 and November 12, 1998, were distributed for information only.

  7. Announcements

    Dr. Torgersen shared with Council that he met with Anne Whittemore with McGuire Woods Battle and Boothe and member of State Council. She was very complimentary of our graduate degree program proposal in computer engineering and said it was the most carefully prepared document of degree program proposal she has seen since she came on board. This reflects well on the whole university.

    Updates on Semester Agenda from Commission Chairs

    Reports from the Commission Chairs regarding their activities for the year.

    Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs (CAPFA), Pat Hyer for Chair Charles Lytton. CAPFA is considering a resolution that modifies the faculty family sick leave policy. Currently we have six days per year and no more than three days per incident under paid sick leave that can be applied toward care of a family member who is ill or due to death in the family. The resolution refers to ten days of paid leave during the year for the care of a family member and no limit per incident. This resolution will affect the Commission on Faculty Affairs.

    Classified Staff Affairs (CCSA), Chair Cindy Harrison. CCSA does not plan to bring any resolutions forward this year. They will be getting information from Richmond and trying to determine the best way to share it with employees. The Commission is looking at a number of benefits for employees and trying to stay on top of legislative issues.

    Faculty Affairs (CFA), Chair Richard Bambach. CFA has one item which may eventually get to University Council related to the changing nature of the campus and its off-campus work. This may involve a small modification in the faculty handbook to suggest that faculty be consulted in advance before being assigned to off-campus teaching. There has been at least one time this has become an issue that could not be resolved very well by the faculty review committee because there was no policy regarding this type of assignment. A survey of the faculty senate has just been completed on the attitudes and perceptions on how service is evaluated.

    Graduate Studies and Policies (CGS&P), Chair Jim Burger. Two resolutions have been brought forward so far this year. CGS&P is currently working on an item which deals with residency requirements for Ph.D. students at extended campuses. Another issue deals with ownership of intellectual materials in thesis and dissertations. At this point, Virginia Tech's policy is that the graduate student owns the information. There is some concern about this policy. An additional item relates to joint degrees.

    Outreach (CO), Peter Eyre for Chair Terry Swecker. Things have been quiet this past semester. With the appointment of the new Vice Provost for Outreach it may become more active.

    Research (COR), Chair Muzzo Uysal. Last semester COR meetings were informative and focused more on exchanging ideas. The Commission is positioning itself to be supportive of all research initiatives on campus and "expect" the administration to support the outcome of those initiatives. We will continue our discussion on this as different university initiatives, including Cross-Cutting Initiatives, start converging. On Saturday the 16th of January, with Dr. Brown's initiation some COR members attended the Cross-Cutting Initiatives workshop. Discussion on this will likely happen at future COR meetings. Based on our pre-commission and commission meetings, Dr. Brown's several productive meetings and talks with the Dean of Library, Dr. Hitchingham, there is a possibility that COR may have a joint resolution on "library resources" with the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policy (CGS&P) this semester. The following centers will be reviewed: Center for Wireless Technology (CWT), Center for Composite Materials and Structures (CCMS) . The review committees for these centers have already been established by Dr. Reifsnider's office. Reviews holding over from last year are also being finalized and will be presented to the Commission this semester. These include: Gerontology, Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics (ICAM), and Virginia Water Resources Research Center.

    Student Affairs (CSA), Chair Madonna Mendoza. CSA is preparing to bring in more speakers - one to address campus and classroom climate. Most of the speakers have been suggested by the students to discuss topics students would like further information on before the end of the year. Two committees, Judicial Affairs Review and Ad hoc Membership, are still in research stages and recommendations should be forthcoming.

    Undergraduate Studies and Policies (CUS&P), Chair Bob Tracy. Most of the work of CUS&P is accomplished through five on-going standing committees which are: Committee on Undergraduate Curricula, University Core Curriculum Committee, Library Committee, Athletic Committee, Academic Support. In addition, three ad hoc policy reviews are to be completed this semester which include: Review of Freshman Rule Policy, Review of Transfer Student Policy, and a Review of Academic Eligibility Policy. The Freshman Rule Policy Review Committee is due to finish its work the end of January. The Academic Eligibility Policy Review is being done by associate deans and chaired by John White and will be finishing by the end of January. The Transfer Student Policy Review, chaired by Norrine Bailey Spencer will be finishing in March.

    University Support (CUS), Bruce Obenhaus for Chair Nicolaus Tideman. CUS has gotten themselves up and running and have had presentations on the campus master plan and buildings and facilities. Upcoming for the Commission and its Committee: through the committee on computing they will be talking about network securities. The transportation and parking committee has just finished a parking survey - once the survey is evaluated some information will be forthcoming. CUS will be exploring the cost of communication on campus.

    Remarks by Dr. Torgersen

    Dr. Torgersen will go to Washington tomorrow to a reception for our congressional delegation. This event was initiated four or five years ago and is scheduled the same day the President gives his State of the Union Address. More recently Virginia Commonwealth University jointly hosts this reception with Virginia Tech. The reception is held in the Rayburn Building and includes our Virginia Delegation and all of their aides. There is a very large turnout including members of the Board of Visitors. This is a good opportunity for lobbying. Dr. Torgersen will spend some time in Richmond. The Agriculture Community, including the College of Agriculture, hosts a very large reception/banquet that attracts a large turnout of legislators. This is well done every year. The next morning Virginia Tech hosts a legislative breakfast (last Thursday) for our delegates, graduates of Virginia Tech about 13 or 14, plus friends of Virginia Tech for a total of about 20 people. One-on-one contacts begin in earnest later this week and extend over the next two weeks. In a couple of weeks we will host jointly with the University of Virginia a reception for legislators prior to the Tech/UVA basketball game which is scheduled in Richmond this year. We have a list of amendments we are proposing to add to the Governor's budget recommendations. We were successful with the appropriation that the Governor added for the Advanced Communication and Information Technology Building. This came in at an estimated cost of $25 million, half appropriated by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the other half raised from private sources. The bid actually was $27 million creating a $2 million gap. The Governor has recommended that this $2 million gap be funded by the state. We have some other capitol projects as well as some operating budget increases we would like to see. We will work these one at a time with key legislators. This short session is over late in February. In response to a question regarding how the proposed reduction in sales tax will affect higher education, Dr. Torgersen responded that this will impact all state agencies in that there is less money available. It will impact us. The tuition reduction of 20% will be great for parents. This is being funded out of the budget surplus and does not bring any new revenue to the university. On campus, we just completed a diversity summit by Ben Dixon and Barbara Pendergrass, very well done.

  8. Adjournment

    Dr. Torgersen adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Nickerson
Executive Assistant to the President


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