Resolution Concerning Disclosure and Approval of External Activities of Faculty

Commission on Research

COR Resolution 1999/2000A

Approved by the Commission on Research: April 26, 2000
Approved by University Council:
Approved by the Board of Visitors:

Whereas, the nature of faculty work is changing rapidly and dramatically for faculty members in many fields, ranging beyond traditional modes of instruction and scholarship to activities involving significant interaction with external entities and in some cases, commercial development of their work; and

Whereas, much of this entrepreneurial activity provides positive benefits to the university community and to the Commonwealth, nation, and world; and

Whereas, faculty involvement as owners or employees of businesses related to their research, and in other roles with significant interaction with external entities, may present potential conflicts of interest and commitment; and

Whereas, Virginia Tech is committed to full compliance with state and federal laws concerning conflicts and faculty members are expected to devote their primary professional loyalty, time, and energy to their teaching, research, administrative, and service responsibilities within the university;

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that Policy 13010, Faculty Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, be revised as attached. The policy outlines the requirement for disclosure of external activities, the appropriate avenues for their approval, identification of potential conflicts of interest or commitment, and oversight mechanisms that will be put into place to avoid or manage such conflicts.

Draft of changes to Policy 13010

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