Commission on Student Affairs Resolution 1999-00A

Resolution Clarifying When Students Are Subject To Disciplinary Action

Approved by CSA: March 23, 2000

First Reading, University Council: April 3, 2000

Approved by University Council:

Effective Date: July 1, 2000

WHEREAS, the university has a compelling interest in creating and sustaining a campus environment that is safe and oriented towards academic success; and

WHEREAS, students may have transient enrollment patterns for a variety of reasons; and

WHEREAS, it would be duplicitous for the university to hold a student accountable for their actions during a period of time when classes are in session, and to ignore issues which occur within the university’s expressed jurisdiction when classes are not in session (for that particular student), and

WHEREAS, the UPSL is currently ambiguous when it comes to the standing (for disciplinary purposes) of students at our branch campuses, higher education centers and study abroad centers, as well as the standing (for disciplinary purposes) of graduate and professional (DVM) students and

WHEREAS, we need to clarify that the online version of the UPSL is the most current version, and which supplants older, written policies that students might find in their dated handbooks, and

WHEREAS, encouraging ethical behavior from all members of the Virginia Tech community from the time they enter until the time they exit (permanently) is consistent with our institutional core values,

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED: that the University Policies for Student Life be revised as follows:


University Policies for Student Life, published annually, contains current information about the university and regulations that apply to all students during the academic year. This document is applicable to students matriculated at the Blacksburg campus, as well as those students at branch campuses, higher education centers or other university owned or leased properties. Regulations are valid only for the period given on this page. The university reserves the right to change those regulations during the academic year and notification is hereby given of that possibility. All changes will be posted in this electronic document and will be outlined in a special ad in the Collegiate Times, and publicized by other appropriate means to the university community.

The most current version of the University Policies for Student Life can be found online at Degree requirements and regulations applicable…

Under Section III. The University Judicial System, Section III.A. Jurisdiction (second paragraph):

Students and student organizations will be considered for disciplinary action whenever violations are committed on university property. For the purposes of disciplinary action only, students are defined as any individual who has accepted an offer of admission as an undergraduate, graduate or professional student and who has not yet graduated or officially transferred to another institution. If a student’s enrollment lapses for more than one calendar year, they will no longer be subject to disciplinary action under this policy. For violations not occurring on university property…


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