Resolution Regarding the Membership of the University Athletic Committee

Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies

CUS&P Resolution 99/00 A

Approved by UAC: 12/07/99
Approved by CUS: 01/24/00
First Reading, University Council: 2/7/00
Approved by University Council:
Approved by the President:
Approved by the Board of Visitors:
Effective Date: Proposed March 1, 2000

Whereas, the University Athletic Committee (UAC) was created to review and provide advice on broad policy issues relating to intercollegiate athletics; and

Whereas, the UAC and Athletic Department are preparing a response to the NCAA Minority Opportunity Plan; and

Whereas, the perspectives of the student-athletes themselves are critical to the work of the UAC;

Whereas, the student-athlete population at Virginia Tech has four - five times the representation of African-American students as the total undergraduate population at Virginia Tech;

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, That the membership of the University Athletic Committee should be changed from one scholarship athlete appointed by the Athletic Director to two scholarship athletes appointed by the Athletic Director, one at the lower division (freshman-sophomore) level and one at the upper division (junior-senior) level, and with consideration given to racial diversity in the selection.

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