University Council Minutes

April 3, 2000

Present: Greg Brown, Barbara Pendergrass (for Landrum Cross), Ben Dixon, Peter Eyre, Eileen Hitchingham, Janet Johnson, Paul Knox, David Ford (for Peggy Meszaros), Carole Nickerson, Kim O'Rourke, John Eaton (for Len Peters), Jennie Reilly, Lisa Wilkes (for Minnis Ridenour), Ray Smoot, Rich Sorensen, Charles Steger, Malcolm McPherson (for Bill Stephenson), Andy Swiger, Tom Tillar, Kay Heidbreder, Cindy Harrison, Mitzi Vernon, Julia Beamish, Irene Leech, Terry Herdman, Sean Blackburn, Jay Sullivan, Joe Hunnings, Tim Pratt, Richard Bambach, John Hillison, John Randolph, Rebecca Crittenden, Suzanne Murrmann, John Seiler, Anita Haney, James Martin, Delbert Jones, Ben Poe, Michael Whipple, Kylie Felps (for Taj Mahon-Haft), Aaron McClung, Shawn Breck

Absent: Bob Bates, Erv Blythe, Skip Fuhrman, Paul Metz, Kamal Rojiani, Deborah Mayo, Eliza Tse, Sam Hicks, Pat Devens, Bernard Feldman, Pete Martens, Rodney Gaines, Jovette Gadson, Donna Cassell, Kimberly DeGuise, Tomoya Ochinero, Drew Lichtenberger, Laurie Steneck, Peter Zippelius

Guests: Ron Daniel, Leon Geyer, Melissa Smarr, Jennifer Calhoun

  1. Adoption of Agenda

    A motion was made and seconded to adopt the agenda. The motion carried.

  2. Announcement of approval and posting of Council Minutes of March 20, 2000

    Dr. Steger noted that the minutes from the March 20, 2000, University Council meeting have been voted on and approved electronically. Once voted upon, University Council minutes can be publicly accessed on the Governance Information System on the WEB. (/)

  3. New Business

    First Reading

    Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies Resolution 1999-2000C, Resolution Regarding Residency for Doctoral Candidates. Chair Julia Beamish reviewed this resolution with Council members and stated that the purpose is for clarification of residence requirements and to offer guidance to assist curriculum committees to better manage cases. A concern was raised regarding Extension Agents and other off-campus employees whose free benefit is limited to three credit hours per semester and that this is not being addressed. John Eaton responded that residency is an important part of the Ph.D. program and developing people to take jobs in academia. He also stated that residency requirements and the residency experience may need to be redefined but is not sure how to handle in this context. Individuals can take three free semester hours, but can take more if they want to pay for them. The main point is for students to involve themselves in their department processes and procedures. Much can be resolved for these employees at the department level.

    Commission on Student Affairs Resolution 1999-2000A, Resolution Clarifying When Students Are Subject to Disciplinary Action. Chair Sean Blackburn asked Jennifer Calhoun to review this resolution with Council members. Ms. Calhoun explained that there are two changes: 1) to include summer in the academic year and 2) to clarify branch campuses. A question was raised regarding the necessity of the detailed wording in the first three whereas statements. Ms. Calhoun responded that this is for clarification. Chair Blackburn responded that this concern is well taken and will be reviewed.

    Commission on Student Affairs Resolution 1999-2000B, Resolution Revising Student Code of Conduct Drug Law Policy. Chair Sean Blackburn asked Jennifer Calhoun to review this resolution with Council members. Following the review, Ms. Calhoun noted that GHB is a synthetic drug that can be manufactured anywhere including dorm rooms and has been responsible for 6000 overdoses and 60 deaths this year.

  4. On-going Business

    Second Reading

    Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies Resolution 1999-2000B, Resolution to Revise the Constitution of the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Honor System. Chair Jay Sullivan presented this resolution for second reading. Chair Sullivan commented that the purpose is to streamline the Undergraduate Honor System Constitution and make the process more workable. There being no further discussion, this resolution was voted on and passed unanimously.

    Council approved a packet of Commission minutes comprised of:

  5. Adjournment

    Dr. Steger adjourned the meeting at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Nickerson
Executive Assistant to the President


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