University Council Minutes

April 17, 2000 3:05 p.m.

Present: Jerry Via (for Bob Bates), Eileen Hitchingham, Pat Hyer (for Peggy Meszaros and Kay Heidbreder), Carole Nickerson, Kim O'Rourke, Len Peters, Lisa Wilkes (for Minnis Ridenour), Ray Smoot, Hap Bonham (for Rich Sorensen), Charles Steger, Malcolm McPherson (for Bill Stephenson), Andy Swiger, Cindy Harrison, Mitzi Vernon, Julia Beamish, Sean Blackburn, Jay Sullivan, Joe Hunnings, Richard Bambach, Paul Metz, Tim Pratt, John Hillison, John Randolph, Rebecca Crittenden, Pat Devens, John Seiler, Bernard Feldman, Donna Cassell, James Martin, Delbert Jones, Ben Poe, David Fowler (for Kimberly DeGuise), Christine Coukos (for Taj Mahon-Haft), Aaron McClung

Absent: Erv Blythe, Greg Brown, Landrum Cross, Ben Dixon, Peter Eyre, Janet Johnson, Paul Knox, Jennie Reilly, Tom Tillar, Irene Leech, Terry Herdman, Skip Fuhrman, Kamal Rojiani, Deborah Mayo, Eliza Tse, Sam Hicks, Suzanne Murrmann, Pete Martens, Rodney Gaines, Jovette Gadson, Anita Haney, Tomoya Ochinero, Michael Whipple, Shawn Breck, Drew Lichtenberger, Laurie Steneck, Peter Zippelius

Guests: Jeff Cullen

  1. Adoption of Agenda

    A motion was made and seconded to adopt the agenda. The motion carried.

  2. Announcement of approval and posting of Council Minutes of April 3, 2000

    Dr. Steger noted that the minutes from the April 3, 2000, University Council meeting have been voted on and approved electronically. Once voted upon, University Council minutes can be publicly accessed on the Governance Information System on the WEB. (/)

  3. Announcement from the President

    Dr. Steger announced the meeting of the Senate Agriculture Conservation and Natural Resources Committee and the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, which is responsible for allocating the tobacco funds for Virginia. They voted to fund the new Institute for Bioinformatics at Virginia Tech, in the amount of $11.6 million for the biennium. This funding will enable the hiring of approximately 100 researchers, and will provide the basis for significant growth in new research activity.

  4. New Business

    First Reading

    Commission on Faculty Affairs Resolution 1999-2000A, Resolution Regarding Editorial Revisions and Clarification of Section 2.8.4 Faculty Handbook Concerning Additional Consideration in Promotion and Tenure Decisions. Chair Mitzi Vernon explained that any matters that come close to the idea of collegiality should actually not be considered in the process of promotion and tenure decisions. Following careful review by the Commission on Faculty Affairs and Faculty Senate it seemed that there was already a place in the Handbook where this was considered in the broader scheme of promotion or tenure, specifically in section 2.8.4 and also in section 2.7.1 on Ethical Behavior. If decisions are to be made about a person's tenure or promotion that have any reference to or any reason related to ethical behavior this should be so noted in the formal review process. Rewording is necessary because of the ambiguous meaning of the term "energy." The word "energy" will be replaced with "candidate's integrity, professional conduct and ethics."

  5. On-going Business

    Second Reading

    Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies Resolution 1999-2000C, Resolution Regarding Residency for Doctoral Candidates. Chair Julia Beamish stated that the following statement should be reentered at the end of the first sentence: "Exceptions to the minimum number of credit semester and/or employment status can be made for employees of Virginia Tech subject to approval by the Graduate School." Chair Beamish moved acceptance of this resolution with the amendment to add this sentence into the next to the last sentence under the first paragraph. There being no objection a second to the motion was received.

    Dr. Pat Hyer made a comment about a question regarding Extension employees that was raised at the April 3 meeting. Extension Faculty have exactly the same right to tuition waiver as any current employee at Virginia Tech. It is not 3 hours as stated in the April 3 minutes, but 9 semester hours during the calendar year and then 5 per semester as with any employee. This waiver exists both at Virginia Tech and Virginia State. In addition, Virginia Cooperative Extension does tuition reimbursement for those living away from the Blacksburg campus and enrolled at another university. They also provide for some employees pursuing their doctorate and interested in residency half pay educational leave or just educational leave

    There being no further discussion a vote was taken. This resolution passed with a unanimous vote.

    Commission on Student Affairs Resolution 1999-2000A, Resolution Clarifying When Students Are Subject to Disciplinary Action. Chair Sean Blackburn moved acceptance of this resolution with the changes made in accordance with discussion at the April 3 University Council meeting. A second was received and the resolution passed unanimously. A suggestion was made to spell out "UPSL" (University Policies for Student Life).

    Commission on Student Affairs Resolution 1999-2000B, Resolution Revising Student Code of Conduct Drug Law Policy. Chair Sean Blackburn moved acceptance of this resolution with the changes made in accordance with discussion at the April 3 University Council meeting. This resolution was moved and seconded. It was suggested that "as illustrated below" be struck from the third WHEREAS. There being no further discussion a vote was taken. This resolution passed unanimously.

    Council approved a packet of Commission minutes comprised of:

  6. For Information Only

    Minutes of the University Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning of March 23, 2000, were presented for information only.

  7. Adjournment

    Dr. Steger adjourned the meeting at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Nickerson
Executive Assistant to the President


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