University Council Minutes

December 6, 1999

Present: Bob Bates, Anne Moore (for Erv Blythe), Greg Brown, Edward Spencer (for Landrum Cross), Ben Dixon, L. A. Eng (for Peter Eyre), Eileen Hitchingham, Janet Johnson, Paul Knox, Peggy Meszaros, Carole Nickerson, John Eaton (for Len Peters), Jennie Reilly, Lisa Wilkes (for Minnis Ridenour), Ray Smoot, Rich Sorensen, Bill Stephenson, Andy Swiger, Cindy Harrison, Pat Hyer, Mitzi Vernon, Julia Beamish, Irene Leech, Sean Blackburn, Jay Sullivan, Joe Hunnings, Richard Bambach, Skip Fuhrman, Kamal Rojiani, Paul Metz, Tim Pratt, John Hillison, John Randolph, Rebecca Crittenden, Sam Hicks, Pat Devens, Suzanne Murrmann, John Seiler, Pete Martens, Delbert Jones, Ben Poe, Kimberly DeGuise, Tomoya Ochinero, Taj Mahon-Haft, Aaron McClung, Laurie Steneck, Peter Zippelius

Absent: Charles Steger, Tom Tillar, Paul Torgersen, Terry Herdman, Deborah Mayo, Dan Connolly, Bernard Feldman, Rodney Gaines, Jovette Gadson, Donna Cassell, Anita Haney, Aaron Hill, Mike Whipple, Shawn Breck, Drew Lichtenberger

  1. Adoption of Agenda

    A motion was made and seconded to adopt the agenda. The motion carried.

  2. Announcement of approval and posting of Council Minutes of November 15, 1999

    Dr. Meszaros noted that the minutes from the November 15, 1999, University Council meeting have been voted on and approved electronically. Once voted upon, University Council minutes can be publicly accessed on the Governance Information System on the WEB. (/)

  3. On-going Business

    Second Reading
    Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies Resolution 1999-2000A
    Resolution Regarding Revision of Definition of Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Commission Chair Julia Beamish moved for approval of this resolution regarding the definition of Graduate Teaching Assistants. This resolution is in response to questions brought about by the SACS Review Team asking to assign Graduate Teaching Assistants to courses. As the instructor of record they must have 18 hours of graduate-level course work in their program of study. This motion was seconded. John Eaton's response to a question is that thesis hours do not count as part of the 18 hours. A question regarding who will enforce this policy was put on the floor. John Eaton responded that the Graduate School with respect to the departments will enforce this policy. Dr. Eaton also commented that someone teaching a lab or teaching a discussion section of a larger lecture under supervision of a faculty member does not apply. Those responsible for signing grade sheets must have the 18 hours. This resolution passed by unanimous vote.

    Council approved a packet of Commission minutes comprised of:

  4. Announcements

    Carole Nickerson, Executive Assistant to the President, clarified the University Council meeting schedule for 2000. The next Council meeting will take place the first Monday in February. The reason for not having our first meeting of the semester the third Monday in January is based on requests from a number of Council members to delay the January meeting because it occurs on the first day of classes. Also, at the time the calendar was made we did not know who the new president would be or when he or she could join us. This is being tried as an experiment with the understanding that if press of business dictates otherwise we will immediately send a note seeking to reinstate that meeting now that we will have a president of record on that day. Ms. Nickerson also stated that the meeting with the commission chairs will take place in early January to see what business will be forthcoming. Sandy Smith will be contacting the commission chairs to schedule this meeting. At the September commission chairs' meeting it appeared this would be a light year in terms of resolutions coming forward.

  5. Discussion

    Discussion leader was not available for this session.

    Dr. Meszaros adjourned the meeting at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Nickerson
Executive Assistant to the President


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